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A vest or a strappy top is something that has great importance in a woman's wardrobe. Whether on the coldest winter days or on hot summer afternoons, in an evening by the fireplace or on a trip to the gym, it is important to have some basic quality garments to compose the look or simply to be able to get dressed in a second and be ready to go.

In this category of Vests and Sleeves you will find a careful selection of vests, women's t-shirts, women's tanktops or sports tops, made with the best quality material by European brands.

In this way, at the Dimari lingerie store you will not only find an excellent offer of sexy lingerie for special occasions, but you can also complement your purchases with some undershirts and more comfortable tops for a more sporty use.

The Doreanse brand, responsible for a vast majority of products in this category, started working on men's underwear but quickly applied its knowledge to create women's underwear, as well as casual and leisure clothing so that both sexes can benefit from the quality, softness and comfort of the products of this incredible brand.