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How to use Lace Lingerie to Style a Look

For a long time it was understood that exposing lingerie was distasteful, so everything was done to hide women's underwear.

But what is beautiful is meant to be showed! That's how the fashion world transformed this idea. Celebrities and fashion references have shown that wearing apparent lingerie can create an elegant, sexy and modern look.

If you don't want to be left out of this trend, follow our tips, because in this text we will show you ideas on how to use lace lingerie to give a look up and enhance pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

Style a look with lace lingerie

Image: Source / thestylerexplore

In order for a look with lingerie to be elegant and refined it is necessary to use differentiated lingerie, delicate and high quality lingerie. For this reason, and not to be mistaken, the ideal is to wear lace lingerie because they are fancy and charming. In addition, you should prefer options in strong colors, and avoid traditional models or models that match your skin color.

Another smart tip to style your look with lace lingerie is to strive for balance, that is, while one part of the body is exposed, another is covered, or, if you want to use a more fitting piece, complete the look with another piece more loose. For example, if you are wearing lingerie as a top, you can put on a blazer to give the final touch, or, if you want to wear a lace body, you can combine it with pantaloon style pants.

Below, we list some looks with lace lingerie to inspire you to style your own look.

Details of the Lace Bra

This is the best option for those that do not feel comfortable wearing apparent lingerie. Here only details of the lace bra are shown to give a sexy and fashionable style. It is also a great option to warm days.

lace bra

Image: Source / bellapinheirolingerie

Lace Body with Pants or Skirt

This lace body composition with pants or skirt is very versatile. If you want to wear the body with pants and heels or with leather skirt and heels, the look is sensual and elegant for a night out. However, if you add jeans and sneakers, it becomes a carefree style that works great for the daytime.

lace body with pants

Image: Source / izasoler


Image: Source / dicasdemulher

Lingerie with See-Through Blouse

This is the favorite look for those who like to wear apparent lingerie. Wearing a see-through blouse with the bra showing up, gives you a sensual look while still being elegant. For those who do not like to risk so much, the tip is to use lingerie in the same color as the blouse.

Lingerie with See-Through Blouse

Image: Source / blognovalua

Lingerie with black See-Through Blouse

Image: Source / tv7dias

Lace Lingerie as Top

The tip for this composition is to use high waisted pants or looser pants. And to make your look even more elegant, add a third piece like a blazer, jacket or vest.

Lace lingerie top

Image: Source / blogdalingerie

Lingerie as top

Image: Source / saintssuuh

Remember that if the lingerie is not beautiful and does not have excellent quality, the look will not work and becomes poor. 

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