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Men's slips or strings are no longer just a piece of underwear and have become an essential element to shape up men’s looks.

There are several models, formats, types of fabrics, colors and prints. And each of these elements can enhance the attributes of your body but also diminish them, if the model does not match your body shape. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention when choosing the ideal undergarment model.

There are underwear for men to meet different needs, whether they are: comfort, well-being, aesthetics or pleasure. Slips briefs are the most traditional models, ideal to meet the requirements of comfort and well-being, as they are usually made of cotton fabric and don’t wrap around the leg area, so they favor movements and leave you more free and comfortable

On the other hand, thongs or strings are very sexy and provocative models of men's underwear. These models are great for providing moments of pleasure and seduction, as the pieces are smaller, especially on the back, and emphasize this part of the male body well.

So, what is your favorite type of men's undergarment? If you still have questions, go to our online lingerie store, explore the men's underwear category and try out different models, like slips and thongs, boxers and t-shirts and undershirts.