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The dressing gown is a piece of feminine lingerie full of elegance. The women's dressing gown is ideal to wear over a babydoll or pajamas and add a lot of refinement to your sleepwear. It is also great to wear over women's underwear and add an air of mystery to your sexy lingerie.

The women's robe became a hit with women and is now one of their favorite pieces of women's lingerie. This is because it is light and comfortable, and allows you to spend more time in your sleepwear without feeling untidy, as well as making you feel more at ease when you spend extra time with your lingerie on since all you need to do is wear the robe over it.

Dressing gowns can be long or short. The long dressing gown is classic and ideal for pajamas, the short dressing gown is great for wearing with chemises or babydolls. However, if you want to wear a feminine robe over the lingerie, the length of the robe is your choice, as both models combine very well with a sexy lingerie.

The material with which the dressing gown is made is also very important. A cotton robe is comfortable and warm, a satin robe is chic and refined, and there is also the robe with lace details that is very feminine and elegant. In addition, all models have a strap around the waist, which allows enhancing the feminine curves and giving a sexy touch to this feminine lingerie.

Explore the dressing gown models at Dimari online lingerie store and let the women's dressing gown be part of your day-to-day: feel more elegant with your sleepwear and more seductive and mysterious in your moments together. Dimari Lingerie is the right place to buy lingerie online.