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Mother's Day Gifts: ideas to surprise her


Mother's Day is coming and with it comes also the uncertainty of what to offer to the most important woman in our life, the one that has always accompanied you at all times.

You want to offer something that makes her feel special and unique, right? So how about offering a different gift to your mother this year, and thus putting those traditional gifts a bit to the side?

Get the best of both worlds by giving her something that is always welcome in a woman's wardrobe and, at the same time, has the power to make her feel like her true self: powerful, confident, beautiful and sure of herself. Yes, because lingerie has that effect on women!

Our differences are what makes us unique and whatever your mother's style is, we have the ideal gift for her! Go ahead and check our suggestions.

Gifts for the Romantic Mother

Who doesn't love a little romance? To feel the love around them? If your mother is a hopeless romantic, offer beautiful lace lingerie as a gift for Mother's Day.

Regarding the color of the piece, you can always choose red, a color associated to love and passion. Another great option is to go with lighter colors, such as white.

However, if you are looking for a different lingerie, try offering a robe or dressing gown, an essential and very luxurious piece. You can’t go wrong with it!

romantic mother  romantic

Presents for the Modern Mother

A modern mother is a woman who is always up to date with the latest trends and who likes to create her own style. The fact that she spends the day back and forth between work and house chores does not prevent her from wanting to feel beautiful and confident, while still finding the balance between comfortable and elegant.

If this is a spot on description of your mother, give her a lingerie set or a bodysuit as a gift. These are items that will help create versatile looks for any occasion. And besides that, they will make her feel ever more like the Superwoman that she really is!

modern mother  Gifts for the Modern Mother

And if you are having any doubts on how to combine lingerie with other clothes, here is an article dedicated to this trend that will certainly be very useful: How to use Lace Lingerie to Style a Look.

Something for the Fun Mother

I’m sure your mother sets a high value on family moments as well as creating memories together. So, with summer around the corner, there is also the desire to spend the day at the beach, soaking up the sun, making sand castles and enjoying so many other family games.

To honor these moments and, at the same time, make your mother feel wonderful, explore our swimwear models. It is a thoughtful present that will take your mother by surprised and make her very happy.

fun mothergifts for the fun Mother

Presents for the more Conservative Mother

Even if your mother is a more discreet person, women's underwear is still an excellent gift option on this Mother's Day. If this is the case, we suggest simpler pieces, with neutral colors, no patterns or any exaggerated details.

And if your mother prioritizes comfort but, at the same time, likes to feel elegant, we propose some perfect pajamas to spend the evening with the family. It is also a great idea to combine mother/daughter pajamas. She will love it, for sure!

conservative mothermother in their pajama

Gift for the Bold Mother

Is your mother a bold and fearless woman? So why not give her something on this Mother's Day that she can relate to? Offer something that will make her feel even more sexy, like a satin chemise or a babydoll. After all, any woman likes to feel confident, powerful and sexy!

 bold motherbold present

Find the perfect gift for the World's Greatest Mother

As you can see, it is easy to find a special something to offer the greatest mother in the whole world. You can find all these suggestions about gifts for mother's day and much more at Dimari Lingerie while still being able to take advantage of our promotions.

One last, important tip:

Remember, given the current state of social isolation to avoid Covid-19 contagion in which we find ourselves, it is essential to follow the World Health Organization recommendations. This implies not leaving the house, unless strictly necessary.

And this is where shopping online takes on a new meaning. At Dimari you can do your lingerie shopping in the comfort of your home and, most importantly, in a safe manner.

In this current context, more than ever, we feel the need to demonstrate how much the people we love mean to us. And although this year we celebrate Mother's Day a bit differently, please don't let this celebration pass you by, as it is a date that pays tribute to those someones that have already made so much for us.

And since "we only have one mother" be sure to pamper your own, and give your mother the special day that she deserves – even at home!

Happy Mother’s Day!