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Find out how to get 15% discount when choosing your Couple's Underwear Pack

Underwear sale

My Pack of Panties is back!

We listened to your feedback and added the men's underwear models to our discount. Build your Pack of Women's Panties and Men's Underwear and get a discount of up to 15% as follows:

  • 2 pieces = 5% discount.

  • 4 units = 10% discount.

  • 6 pieces = 15% discount

How can you add the pants?

1. Log in to our Dimarilingerie online shop and start, for example, by selecting your women's underwear. In the menu, select the option Lingerie Women > and then Panties and Thongs.

2. Choose the model of women's underwear you want and select Add to cart. You will then see a window indicating that your product has been added to your basket. To continue and add more underwear to your basket, click on the Continue shopping option. Repeat this process for the rest of the women's underwear. 

3. Once you have added the women's underwear to the cart, let's add the Underwear Men. In the menu, under Men's Underwear, select Strings and Slips.

4. Now add your choices of men's boxer shorts following the same process used for women's panties, described in point 2. Once you have added all the products, select the Proceed to Checkout.

5. In the cart, you will notice that your discount has been automatically inserted. In this purchase, you can take the opportunity to add other products to your cart, as your discount will not change. 

Take advantage of this promotion to renew your lingerie and add a touch of seduction to your relationship. Getting out of the routine is always a good idea!