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Quarantine: Activities for couples without leaving your home

Couple in quarantine

Currently, we are living the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the World Health Organization recommends preventive isolation or “quarantine” in order to prevent and control the virus contagion. For this reason, the ideal is to stay at home, in a serene and peaceful environment, avoiding going out to the outside - only exits of short duration and of extreme need.

So, take advantage of this situation. Isolation is an "opportunity to do things as a couple". It is essential that you think and plan different activities from those that are usual at day by day.

Thus, we created a list with romantic suggestions to give emotion to your relationship and to make you living fullest moments with your love partner on this period of social isolation. Enjoy and surprise yourself as a couple.

1- Make a special breakfast in bed for your love partner

A romantic breakfast is one of the most passionate gestures. So, on this day, get up early and prepare a meal with everything your lover likes, then wake up your other half with a breakfast in bed. Don't forget to put a very sensual lingerie under your robe.

breakfast in bed for couple

2- Massage your love partner

Give your partner a sensual and relax massage. Generally, sensual massages are performed with the body totally naked, but why not remove each piece of women's lingerie, as you massage the entire body. You can choose a lace lingerie set, in a black color, for example. Massage will allow both of you to experience the relationship in a more intense way and relieve the stress of isolation.

sensual massage

3- Make a candlelit dinner

This may not be a new idea, but it always works and give a good time for both. Prepare a special dinner, with a romantic atmosphere, a flavored candles, a calm and sensual music and a beautiful table. So, as the whole environment is sensual and inviting, your clothes will also have to be. Put on an elegant outfit, choose a dress that highlights your curves and treasure all parts of your body.

candlelit dinner

4- Take sex out of the ordinary environment and venture into unusual place

If you always have sex in the same place, in the bedroom, it's time to change. It is time to explore new and different places at home. In quarantine and isolation, love each other more and better. Let your most secret thoughts become part of reality. After all, you have a lot of time for that.

romantic ideas for quarantine

5- Make a sexual fantasy come true

You can experience something more daring like a sexy costume. This type of lingerie is a real fetish for the men. For secretly, they dream with their lover dressed in a provocative costume. Then, the time has come to fulfill that desire. Unleash your imagination and live unforgettable moments with sensual costume. This is one of the experiences that any couple has to live at least once in their life. Click here and see sensual fantasy models and accessories to fulfill these most secret desires.

sexual fantasy

6- Taking a relaxing bath together

Take a bath or a shower together is a good way to get out of the routine, to create more intimacy in the couple and to promote a feeling of well-being. The bath for two is as aphrodisiac as an erotic video, a provocative outfit or even a sex toy, because the bath prepares the body relaxation for what comes next.

After bathing for two, it is time for each one to dry the other's body with a soft towel. Today, they can put their pajamas aside and go undressed for a night of pleasure.

bath for two

7- Practice sexting

A good option to spend your days in isolation is sexting! When you two are in different rooms of your house, send SMS with some malice to your love partner. For example, propose video strip tease session.

However, don't forget the outfit to rock this session. Choose a different sexy lingerie from the one you wear, you can also choose different lingerie accessories for this session to be a real success. I am sure that your better half will be very happy and will ask to repeat on others quarantine days.

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What did you think of these suggestions to enjoy this moment of social isolation to give more emotion to your relationship? Share this text with your friends that will also like these ideas.