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Lingerie shower: tips for wedding lingerie


So, you're getting married, and you have already bought everything you need for your new home! So, forget about the traditional bridal shower! A lingerie shower is the most suitable option, because in addition to having fun with your friends, those present promise to spice up your honeymoon and the beginning of your day-to-day as a married woman.


What is a lingerie shower?

It is a relaxed and very intimate event, where the guests present the bride with lingerie: bra, body, garter belt, corset, stockings, provocative babydolls, and everything else that fits in the lingerie drawer. In this way, you will renew your women's underwear trousseau.

Therefore, it is essential that in your lingerie shower you draw up a list with the lingerie you want your friends to offer you.

If you don't know where to start, follow our tips to prepare a perfect lingerie shower and spend great moments with your friends.


Select a specialized Lingerie Store

The first tip is to choose a lingerie store that has a wide variety of products, so that the choice is also varied.

Do not forget that the gifts you receive have to be perfect for the various occasions: from your wedding day, wedding night to your honeymoon. That is why the store will have to offer you a wide choice of lingerie models, such as: bride lingerie, sexy lingerie and more different models such as corsets, garter belts and even sexy costumes.


Affordable Wedding Lingerie

Your list of wedding lingerie should include more or less expensive gifts among the suggestions.

After all, it is important that your friends feel free to choose the items on your list without feeling pressured to spend a lot.


What to include in the wedding lingerie registry?

Some pieces that you can include in the lingerie shower are:


Wedding Lingerie

As you know, a bride lingerie is always special, it deserves all the attention and needs to be chosen well. Here the white colour still remains the favourite colour of any bride.

So, it is important that you choose some white panties that don’t leave panty lines, a white bra that enhances your breasts, or a white body, to highlight all your sensuality. Perfect lingerie pieces to wear under your wedding dress.

And just as important as the wedding day is the couple's first night. Here, bridal lingerie has a very evident seduction function. Try to choose a lingerie different from the usual: a white bodysuit, a lace lingerie set, or a garter belt... All these are great to make you feel sexy and provocative.

And why not take advantage of your Lingerie shower to choose your wedding lingerie, the bridal underwear that will help you shape your body and accentuate the curves of your dress to make you look stunning?

wedding lingerie


Lingerie Sets

A lingerie set is a must-have for any woman's intimate wardrobe. Therefore, this model cannot be absent from your Lingerie registry. There are several options like lace lingerie, sheer lingerie, silk lingerie. So, you can choose several models and select one for each occasion.

Don't forget that the most important thing here, besides colour and size, is that you feel comfortable and sexy.

lingerie sets


Babydolls and chemises

To maintain sensuality at bedtime is very important. Choose an elegant satin chemise to make you feel good. Or a very sexy lace babydoll. These are good options to add to your bride lingerie. You will be able to choose a model to use on your wedding night.

babydolls and chemises



A corset is another essential piece of lingerie in any woman's wardrobe, as it helps to shape the women's body. So, you can ask one of your friends to help you choose the ideal corset to wear as wedding lingerie. What's more, the corset is also prefect for those special nights with your husband.



Dressing gown

At your Lingerie Shower registry, you can't leave out the dressing gowns. Choose at least two. A comfortable robe with a neutral colour like black or white, great for combining with wedding lingerie, and another more sexy for special occasions.

dressing gown


Garter belts

As you know, the garter belt is one of the most sexy pieces in the lingerie world and as such, it cannot be left out from your lingerie trousseau.

It is ideal to spice up your new life that is about to start.

garter belts



Nowadays, stockings are a very sexy piece of lingerie that can help you complete your look and thus become irresistible in the eyes of your partner.



Lingerie Accessories

As for lingerie accessories, ask your friends to be bold and let their imagination run wild. Women's lingerie accessories are ideal for providing different and very exciting moments with your partner. They are excellent for this new life that begins.

lingerie accessories


Tip for a Perfect Lingerie Shower

Your lingerie shower will be a memorable moment that you will have with your friends. To make the most of it, open your gifts in front of everyone and ask your friends to share tips on how to use the pieces and at what times.

Certainly this will generate several moments of relaxation, making your shower even more fun.

Did you like our lingerie shower tips? Then share them with your bridesmaids or maids of honour to help them prepare the Perfect Lingerie Shower.