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Push Up Bra: What is it and what are its advantages

puh-up bra

The bra, or brassiere, is a piece that women do not go without in their day-to-day. But have you ever wondered about its true importance? And the difference it can make to your clothes?

Well, choosing the ideal bra is essential for a perfect look. And the push up bra is an excellent model to enhance your chest and increase your confidence.

What is a Push Up Bra?

A push up bra is a bra model that, as the name implies, raises the breasts. Meaning that, as a result, the chest is more lifted and beautiful, but in a natural way.

And how is this effect achieved? The effect happens due to the bra design that consists of the rim, the filling and a shorter distance between the cups. In addition, the elastic band on the back is usually thicker and wider to ensure greater support and comfort.

What are the advantages of using a Push Up Bra?

As we already said, this model is an excellent ally for those who like to enhance their breasts. But it also has other advantages that we will highlight now:

- Shapes the breasts , giving them a rounder shape and making them more close together.

- Provides greater support to the breasts keeping them “in the right place” and ensuring a more comfortable use.

- Gives the sensation of bigger breasts, due to the fact that it is a padded bra, the breasts are visibly fuller..

- Is perfect for wearing with low-cut clothes. As it makes a stunning and sexy chest, you can bet that you will rock that more daring neckline, for sure.

- Can be used on any occasion, from a business meeting to a romantic dinner, depending on the piece of clothing that you combine it with.
- Is compatible with all body types. Don't think that these bras only look good on women with small breasts! Not at all! It is true that the push up bra is specially indicated for those with smaller breasts because, as we saw earlier, it provides more volume. However, women with bigger breasts can also take great advantage of this model. For, in addition to giving the necessary support and keeping boobs in place, it also makes them much more sexy.

- And last but not least, as a result of this set of benefits: It makes any woman feel even more attractive and confident!

Get to know some of our Push Up Bra models now

As you can see, the push up bra is an essential piece of woman’s underwear to have in any woman's wardrobe. Curious about our push up models? We show you:

- Eurydike Push Up Bra

This is a very elegant and comfortable model. It has an embroidery around the cups, which gives it a seductive neckline. It has wider sides than an ordinary bra. This feature provides greater support and makes your chest firmer. Give in to the details of this beautiful push up bra and be amazed by the final result!

push-up bra sexy

-Margaret Ecru Push Up Bra

If you prefer something a little more discreet but without neglecting that sensual look, this push up bra is perfect for you. Its color makes it practically imperceptible and you can use it with clothes of any color. Its neckline is surrounded by a simple and delicate lace. Let yourself be enchanted by its elegance and simplicity.

bra up

-Margarita Pink Push Up Bra

In turn, we present the ideal model for the most daring women. This beautiful pink push up bra brings up the most romantic side of the wearer. With its unique details, it will make you feel even more confident and powerful.

push-up bra pink

-Anzai Black Push Up Bra

However, if you identify more with a sporty style, try this model of ours. It is a bra that, although being simple and comfortable, does not lose any of the qualities and functions of the push up bra. It is decorated only with small and subtle zirconias. Due to its padded cups, you get natural, fuller breasts, without giving up on comfort.

push up bra black

Last tip on the Push Up Bra

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to know your body and know how to choose the correct size. Sizes above or below what you need may compromise your look, comfort and, consequently, you may not be able to achieve the desired result. If you have any questions, we suggest you take a look at our size guide.

As you can see, a push up bra is not “just” another piece of women's underwear. It is an item capable of completely changing our look and our self-esteem.

Now that you know the advantages of wearing a push up bra, you can include it in your lingerie collection and put together perfect looks with the tips we gave in this article. Besides, if you liked our tips, be sure to share them with your friends that might like to know more about push up bras.