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Find quality sexy lingerie at Dimari

Lingerie can tell a lot about who wears it.

Currently, there are many options available on the market, for the most varied tastes and occasions: we have the comfortable, the striking, the innocent, the bold... Among them, the one that is very successful is the sexy lingerie.

When a woman wears a provocative lingerie set, she automatically feels good and consequently looks more attractive.

Wearing a provocative, beautiful and comfortable lingerie makes any woman feel more confident and more feminine. In addition, all women know that lingerie is a great weapon of seduction. They do not resist good lingerie combined with a good personality.

Knowing this, women have been investing a lot in this detail and what is not lacking in the market is beautiful options. These options can cause some doubts, because there are many different models after all.

So, we will talk to you about some of the most popular sensual lingerie types that all women should have in their closet. You will be delighted with the beautiful and sexy models.

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Thongs almost need no introduction. This is the simplest, easiest and most practical piece of sexy lingerie. They come only with a thread on the back, with pearls, with laces, with lace, with chains... There are many models and styles to make your partner go crazy! But despite the fame, the secret of wearing a thong is not in the piece itself, but in the model. That's because there are so many types of thongs (yes, MANY ) and each of them can give a different feel to the occasion.

Thongs are highly seductive because of their very exposed back. It is very comfortable and does not create markings on tight clothes. Despite the sensuality, it is also a basic model.

Garter Belts

They need no recommendations. The garter belt because of its differentiated look, is already characterized as a special piece bringing sensuality to the look.

Be it for a special night, or to "turn" a normal night into a special one, the garter belt is the garment that has a noticeable “impact” on men.

Check also some options of stockings that are great for combining with this fantastic piece of lingerie.


Bodystockings is a type of lingerie that covers the whole body, like a jumpsuit. They are made of very thin fabric that are tight to the body revealing all its curves.

There are numerous models of bodystockings, with long or short sleeves, with spaghetti straps, with open or closed crotch, with lace or embroidered details.

Bodystockings are perfect for any type of physique. From the leanest to the most voluptuous, they disguised any imperfection by enhancing the feminine curves.

Dare to look different wearing different Lingerie and rediscover your sexiest side! Invest in yourself and try starting to wear more provocative lingerie more often. The result can be amazing!

Check out the various models of sexy lingerie on our website: and good shopping!!