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How to use Sexy Stockings

How to use stockings

Stockings are the ideal pieces to add charm to your lingerie or even your look.

If you are planning a special evening with your partner and want to add a different detail to your sexy lingerie, add a stockings and make your look even more sensual and provocative.

On the other hand, if you like to wear tights, but it's in the summer and want a lighter alternative, bet on stockings. Not only you will feel more comfortable and lightweight, but you'll also feel more powerful knowing you're wearing sexy underwear.

In addition to these occasions, several celebrities are launching a new trend regarding stockings. They are wearing stockings in the outfit, where they are combined with a shorts or short skirt, so the socks become apparent and also show a bit of the leg. This is another occasion where you can wear the stockings.

If you want to know more about stockings, we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about this sexy lingerie piece. Join us now:


What are stockings? 

Stockings are tights that go up to half the thigh. They are smaller than traditional tight and are also a sexier alternative to the tights.

In addition, stockings are ideal for wearing with garter belts or with corsets, pieces that have garters and buckles to attach the stockings. The functional purpose of these garters is to fasten the stockings so that they do not curl up or slip down the leg. However, the main effect of garters when fastening stockings is to make your lingerie sexier and more provocative.

Regarding the material, stockings are usually made with elastane, nylon and silicone. It is also common to use lycra on the top, just to make the stocking stick to the leg and make them stay in place. Besides these materials, it is also common to find lace details on the top of the stocking to give a more refined look to this lingerie piece.

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Occasions to wear Stockings

The ideal occasion to wear the stockings, of course, is up to you. However, we can indicate the situations in which they are most worn.

First of all, wear them to seduce! That's right, combine the garter socks with a sexy thong and garter belt, or with a sexy corset. No doubt this sexy lingerie combination is the perfect look for a romantic and very spicy evening with your partner. For that, choose stockings with lace details or with more provocative colors, like the color red.

Another occasion to wear the stockings is with light looks, like skirts and dresses. In this case, the stockings is ideal to replace the traditional tights on warmer days.

Finally, the stockings can also be worn with an outfit, you can combine them with a short skirt or with shorts. For this, we recommend wearing stockings with more neutral colours, such as black.


How to make stockings last longer

To preserve your stockings and make it last longer, it is important to take certain care when wearing it. First, when putting on your stockings, take off any rings or bracelets that might cling to your stockings and damage them. Then, it is important to keep the toenails short or well sanded, this will prevent the delicate fabric of the stocking from sticking to any point and running the risk of tearing them.

In addition to the care when putting on your stockings, also be careful when washing the garments. Preferably wash them by hand and avoid great friction. Remember that the stockings are made of a fine and delicate material.


Meet the main stockings models


Black Stockings

Lace stockings

This stocking model with lace details is ideal to wear with a sexy lingerie in intimate moments or under the clothes. Those with a smooth finish can also be worn with a showy look.

Black stockings


Red Stockings

Red stockings are without doubt the sexiest and most provocative model. So they are also ideal to wear with a sexy lingerie to give an even more seductive look to that romantic evening.

Red stockings


Bridal Stockings

White stockings are perfect for enhancing wedding night lingerie. And it's worth investing in wedding lingerie, as this will be an unforgettable night for the couple.

Bridal stockings


Fishnet Stockings

This socks model will make your look super sexy. This stocking is perfect to wear with an erotic lingerie accessory like a whip and prepare a very cheeky evening. This model is also great for composing an outfit to go out at night, for shows and parties, for example.

Fishnet stockings


Tips for buying Stockings

Once you know more about what stockings are, on what occasions to wear them and meet some models, know that there are also final tips for when to buy your stockings.

The first tip is about the importance of buying the right size. Because if you buy a bigger size, your stockings risk falling or slipping off your legs. On the other hand, if you buy a smaller size than yours, the stockings will tighten your legs causing discomfort. To buy stockings in their ideal size, check out the size guide that lingerie stores offer, just compare the size of the socks to the inches of your leg.

Finally, we recommend that you buy high quality stockings. This way, your stockings will last longer and you will feel more comfortable and elegant with the model you choose.