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Where to Buy Lingerie in the UK


Dimari Lingerie is a store that sells women's lingerie and men's underwear, where quality and good service are important aspects. For Dimari, lingerie is not just underwear, but confidence, sensuality, self-esteem and well-being. For this reason, here you will find only quality products at the best price, as well as the latest lingerie trends.

It is increasingly important to buy in stores that are truly reliable and we are an example of that! We have been in the market for 10 years and we work every day to improve even more and to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, we will list 8 more reasons that explain why Dimari Lingerie is the best place to buy lingerie in the United Kingdom:


Shopping online can sometimes be a risk and it is therefore very important to check that the website where we intend to buy is a safe one. So, how can you confirm that Dimari Lingerie is safe?

Through a brief search and analysis on our website you will find some evidence such as the presence of “https://" in the URL, which indicates that the connection is secure and that the data is encrypted. A practical example is that when making credit card payments your data is protected from unauthorized people, and you have access to comments and reviews from customers who have already purchased from our store and shared their opinions and experience.

2. European quality brands

As previously indicated, at our lingerie store, quality is paramount and, therefore, we only work with brands that match our level of demand. Our women’s lingerie brands - Beauty Night Fashion, Obsessive and Livia Corsetti Fashion – and also the brand for our men's line - Doreanse - are European brands. Due to their quality and variety, they are marketed worldwide.

3. Easy and practical orders

In addition to being able to place your order anywhere, you will also realize how easy it is! Our website is organized in a very intuitive and simple way. So we guarantee that you can find everything you are looking for quickly and effectively. And finalizing the order is no different!

4. Size guide

size guide

In order to be able to buy lingerie in the UK without errors, we provide a size guide that shows charts relating your body measurements in centimetres with the size of the lingerie. So just follow these directions to choose the right underwear for you.

5. Variety of payment methods

Another easy thing when buying lingerie in the UK at Dimari is the variety of payment methods. So you can choose the method that is most convenient.

Payment methods include:

  • - Credit card

  • - Paypal

  • - Hipay

  • - Bank transfer

  • - Bitcoin

payment methodes

6. Fast deliveries and discreet packaging

The reason you don’t like to do shopping online is because you have to wait a long time for your products? At Dimari Lingerie this is not an issue! When buying lingerie in the UK we have options that allow deliver in about 48h hours, depending on the area.

Another good news is that you can count on the discretion of our store. When you receive your orders they will be delivered in 100% discreet packaging. They will not have any logo or information that might hint to its contents.

7. Low shipping costs and lots of promotions

At our lingerie store you will also find a wide variety of items with exceptional prices and promotions! In addition, the shipping costs to the UK can get as low as €5,90, depending on the shipping company you choose.

8. Personalized service

At Dimari Lingerie our focus is on our customers. As such, we have created a set of ways through which you can get in touch with our team, from email, phone, or even through our social networks. So you know, if you have any questions or even suggestions don't hesitate to talk to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Now that you got to know the advantages of buying lingerie at Dimari, you know why we are the ideal place to buy lingerie in the UK.

Visit our lingerie store and enjoy the quality and benefits of buying underwear at Dimari.