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Women's Underwear vs Lingerie

women's underwear and lingerie

Women's underwear is an essential clothing piece in any woman's wardrobe, as it is present in every moment of your daily life.

The underwear is the first piece we wear and the last one we remove. This clothing piece serves to protect our body from all external dirt, and also, serves to shape the female silhouette. But after all, is there any difference between women's underwear and women's lingerie? That's what we'll see next.

Women's Underwear

women's underwear

Women's underwear is the garment that is in direct contact with the skin, so it has the function of protecting our body from all bacteria in the environment. It also has the function of shaping and supporting some body's parts, for example making the breasts more raised and a slimmer waist.

Underwear for women raises sensuality and female self-esteem. Generally, underwear, such as a bra and panties, is made of cotton material, with a simple cut and few details. This type of clothing showns simplicity and comfort.

Women's Lingerie

women's lingerie

In contrast, women's lingerie is made of satin, silk, lace or transparent material. It is rich in details that make prettier the entire garment.

Lingerie shoud be used in special moments and when you want to be more seductive and sexy. This fact is because the lingerie makes your look more fancy and elegant. The women's lingerie is the secret of all women to increase their power of attraction.

The Perfect Womens's Underwear for You

Distinguishing women's underwear and women's lingerie is not the most important thing, the essential thing is to feel beautiful in your own style.

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