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Erotic Lingerie to Spice up the Relationship

Sexual desire begins with a simple look, both for those who watch and for those who are being watched. So you can encourage your love partner without the need for a touch or a word. Take advantage of your seductive power using erotic lingerie and thus, spice up your relationship.

erotic lingerie
Erotic Lingerie as a fetish

Lingerie is a fetish for most men. In addition, it increases self-esteem in women. Try a sexy lingerie to feel sexier. The results will be surprising.

What types of erotic lingerie to wear?

Sensual lingerie is a great garment to spice up a relationship. You must not forget to select the one that best highlights your curves and body details. However, at the same time, you have to feel comfortable to have a good time with your other half. So, let's give you suggestions of what kind of provocative lingerie to use:

1. Fancy and daring lingerie set:

You must choose a lingerie set for a specific occasion and purpose. It’s best to choose different materials such as lace, flashy colors like red, and daring details that will surprise your partner. Make use of naughty details, such as lace bras that highlight all your femininity. Your other half will be delighted when you show up like this in front of him.

lace bra

2. A chemise or babydoll:

The babydoll is definitely a lingerie that stimulates your love partner's imagination. Use and abuse of silks and transparencies. Add some crotchless panties to this erotic lingerie and your lover will go crazy for you!

sexy chemise

3. Erotic Lingerie Accessories:

Sensual lingerie accessories are a wonderful idea for a night of pure pleasure. Choose a sexy nipple cover, a whip, a spanking paddle or a sexy mask. Your love partner will be in ecstasy and you will share hot moments together. Certainly, something to repeat.


What is the best color for erotic lingerie?

Red Lingerie:

Red is the color of passion, sexuality and love. When you wear a red lingerie, your confidence is enhanced.

Black Lingerie:

Black lingerie is even more sensual. With black sexy lingerie you feel powerful and more confident.

White Lingerie:

The white color symbolizes purity and innocence. But anyone that is looking for white women's lingerie is also looking for new experiences and emotions.

Last tip about Erotic Lingerie!

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