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How to Wash Lingerie the Right Way

how to wash lingerie

Lingerie is the intimate piece that is most in contact with our skin, so it is essential to properly wash lingerie so it is always clean and well cared.

As lingerie fabrics are more delicate and thinner than other garments, a more special care is needed.

With that in mind, we have put together some essential tips on how to wash lingerie correctly and, thus, preserve its quality so that you can enjoy it for longer.

Hand wash lingerie

Whenever possible, you should wash women's lingerie by hand and with a neutral soap. Although it takes a little more work, it is worth the effort, as the fabric does not deteriorate easily and the delicates keep their colours and shapes much longer.

However, it is important to use water at room temperature, as washing lingerie in hot water causes it to lose its elasticity.

In addition, it is important to rub your underwear gently.


Washing Lingerie in the Washing Machine

We know that with the day to day rush, it is not always possible to hand wash your underwear. So the easy solution is the washing machine.

For those times, you should choose a program for delicate clothes and make a load with only these pieces of women's underwear.

You should also choose to wash women's lingerie in laundry or lingerie bags. These mesh bags are perfect for delicate underwear. In the case of lace bras and rim bras, it prevents them from breaking, or even detaching, thus damaging both your lingerie as well as the machine. As for your panties, it prevents delicate fabrics from being torn and getting lint balls.

The general rule is: all pieces rich in details such as corsets, bodysuits, garter belts, lingerie sets should be placed in washing bags, in those cases where you choose to use the washing machine.

how to wash underwear for women


Washing Women’s Underwear in the Shower

As tempting as it may be, you shouldn't wash your underwear in the shower. The water temperature, the steam and the body wash are not ideal for underwear. In addition, that environment encourages the greater proliferation of fungi.


Washing lingerie in hot water

Regardless of how to wash lingerie, under no circumstances should you use hot water. During the process of washing your underwear, water temperature should always be cold to lukewarm, because if it is too high it can damage the fibres of the fabric. These procedures can make your piece last less.


Wash your underwear with suitable products

As important as how to wash lingerie are the products you use to wash the pieces.

All underwear is made to absorb sweat, and the excessive use of fabric softener, or other more abrasive products can influence this absorption property. Therefore, it is important to look for washing products specific for underwear.


Important tip for washing lingerie

Another important tip to wash lingerie correctly: take a look at the labels. Each piece of clothing has a label that indicates the best care to be taken when washing it.

So, before doing the laundry, it is essential that you pay attention to the symbols and information about the fabrics and water temperature that are reported on the label of your lingerie. After all, there is no one better than the manufacturer to indicate the ideal care for your underwear.

lingerie washing care

We want to ensure that the new piece of lingerie you have bought that looks perfect on your body will stay that way for a long time. Well, these cares guarantee greater durability to your women’s underwear. That is, keeping your lingerie beautiful and perfect for longer its only up to you, just follow the tips that we have shown you in this article.

And if you liked these tips, share them with your friends who also need to know the correct way to wash lingerie and how to make these garments look beautiful for much longer.