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Learn how Lingerie influences your well-being at work

Lingerie to wear at work

Have you ever thought about the importance of lingerie to our daily lives? Well, after all, underwear is the first item of clothing we put on and the last we take off.

Some time ago, lingerie had only the function of maintaining the body's good hygiene. Then, it became an item of seduction to attract the attention of your love partner.

However, nowadays, underwear has an importance that goes far beyond these two functions. Lingerie is essential for comfort on a daily basis, besides that, it can transform the final result of the appearance by shaping the clothes and it is also directly responsible for self-esteem and self confidence.

Those who work outside home usually spend more time at work than in any other environment. And it is for this reason that, when choosing lingerie for everyday use, it is important to analyse the piece well and check if it meets the main requirements to make you feel good, comfortable and beautiful.

To help you to choose the ideallingerie to wear on a daily basis in the corporate environment, we list below 5 topics that explain how Lingerie influences your well-being at work.

How lingerie influences your well-being at work:


1. Lingerie and Comfort

To achieve daily well-being, and especially in the corporate environment, it is essential to have comfort first. After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing lingerie that tightens and leaves marks on the body. Or wearing underwear with a fabric that causes allergies and itching.

Remember that wearing uncomfortable underwear can ruin your confidence and your well-being throughout the day.

For these reasons, the number one concern when choosing lingerie is to opt for models that will make you comfortable throughout the day. For this, choose underwear that presents the ideal size for your body, that ensures good support and that presents a soft and smooth fabric to your body could breathe properly.

However, if you prefer lingerie models that are elegant and full of beauty, you need not worry. Nowadays, you can find lingerie store that present underwear models that bring together comfort and beauty.

Therefore, the next topic shows that having self-esteem as a focus when choosing your lingerie is also important for your well-being at work.


2. Lingerie and self-esteem

Despite not being on show in the outfit, lingerie can have an impact on self-esteem, well-being and confidence, influencing the construction of a professional image.

This happens because underwear has the power to enhance parts of the body, especially the female body. It may contain some part that you consider flaccid, it may highlight another part that you consider small or disguise something that you consider large.

Therefore, by wearing lingerie that suits your body and that you consider a beautiful and elegant model, this piece of clothing can directly impact your self-esteem. And by contributing to the increase of your self-esteem, lingerie also contributes to a more confident and self-assured woman.

So, being well in body and mind will help you achieve your daily goals. This can improve your performance at work as you feel more confident and in a good mood.

Lingerie and well-being


3. Lingerie helps shape the body

As we talked about in the previous topic, lingerie can enhance parts of the body. This result happens because underwear helps shape the body.

So, know your needs and choose your lingerie accordingly it. But how to get this result? We give you some examples: if you have big breasts and that bothers you, you can use a volume-reducing bra. Or if you have some fat on your hips and would like to disguise it, you can opt for a high waisted panty.

Lingerie will mould your body according to your wishes and will interfere in your final look, making you even more beautiful and elegant, without losing comfort.

Volume-reducing bra


4. Lingerie contributes to a correct posture

Another essential factor for well being at work is to have a correct posture. And underwear also contributes to this. In other words, wearing inadequate lingerie may harm your posture and, consequently, your well-being.

For women, choosing the correct bra helps to improve posture. A bra with wider straps and back ensures better support and takes the excess weight off the back and shoulders.

And for both women and men, wearing tight underwear can cause pain in the lower back. So it is important to choose the right size of lingerie, so that it is not tight or baggy.


5. Lingerie is important to align the corporate dress code

In this last topic we want to show that lingerie is essential to achieve a good corporate dress code.

The term 'dress code' refers to the practice of wearing the ideal outfit for the occasion. Thus, corporate dress code varies from company to company, or even to different market segments. However, in general, we can say that in the corporate environment, elegant and discreet attire is expected at the same time.

Therefore, having your underwear on display - such as a bra strap showing, coloured lingerie under transparent clothes or panties marking your trousers - is not well seen in the corporate environment. In short, your lingerie should not attract attention in your work look.

So, our tip on this topic is: first choose the clothes you are going to wear, and only then choose the lingerie. This way, you will ensure that the lingerie favours your final outfit.

For example, if you are going to wear a tighter skirt or trousers, choose a seamless panty. If you're going to wear a light to transparent coloured blouse, wear a camisole underneath or lingerie in your skin tone. Will you wear dark-coloured clothes? Then feel free to wear coloured lingerie.

With these tips, you guarantee a great look for work, without giving up the elegance and comfort of your lingerie.

Seamless Panties

In this article we have shown how lingerie can influence your well-being at work and be an ally for your comfort, good posture, self-esteem and to comply with the corporate 'dress code'.

Thus, underwear is an essential item in everyday life and inspiring brands, such as Dimari Lingerie, can provide elegance, sophistication and the necessary comfort for your daily routine through beautiful models of lingerie.