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Do you want to feel beautiful, sexy and powerful? The corset is the right feminine lingerie to raise your self-esteem and increase your sensuality.

Certainly, the corsets is one of the most sensual pieces of  lingerie for women. If you don't have a corset yet in your women's lingerie collection, you need to urgently buy one, as it is a piece of lingerie that can't be left out from your women's underwear essential list.

The corset is a current derivation of the 20th century bodices, now with a less rigid and more elastic structure. It is a sexy lingerie piece that shapes the female silhouette, makes the waist thinner and enhances the woman's curves.

Choose the corset model that best suits you and the moment you want to wear it. There are several types. There are the more rigid bodices that give more support and better shape the waist; and on the other hand, there are less rigid models such as the lace corset, which are very sensual and enrich the female body through transparency. You should also vary on the colors: the black corset is the traditionally sensual one, the red corset is more romantic classic and the white corset is the ideal bridal lingerie for the wedding day or night.

To further awaken your partner's attention and desire, choose a combination of women's lingerie and the final look will be even more erotic: combine a sexy corset with some sensual garter stockings and enjoy a very hot night.

Find the perfect corset for you at Dimari Lingerie, online lingerie store. Start wearing a sexy corset and fall in love with your body.