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The Most Flattering Knickers for Each Body Type

Knickers types

Since the mid-1990s, women's underwear has ceased to be worn only for the protection and hygiene of the intimate area and has become immensely important for women's aesthetics.

Therefore, over the last few years, several models of knickers have emerged. Nowadays we can find so many different models that you might not be able to name them all.

For this reason, we decided to bring in this article the most famous knicker models of the female fashion market. First, so you can get to know the various models of knickers. Then, so that you can identify the model that matches your style and choose the design that most enhances the qualities of your body.

Before we start talking about the types of women's knickers, let's highlight some important points:


  • First of all, when choosing a knicker, you must give importance to the comfort of the garment. Avoid wearing tight fitting garments that cause any kind of discomfort.


  • It is very important that you choose the right size for your body. It favors the aesthetic part, because a tight knicker for highlighting some greasiness. It is also important for your health, since the elastic of the knicker can tighten and hinder blood circulation and therefore cause irritation in the region.


  • In this article, we will show you the most suitable knicker models for certain body types based on the opinion of professionals in the fashion market. Because each type of knicker has characteristics that can enhance some body parts and disguise other parts. However, it's important to emphasize that they are tips and not rules, because the ideal knicker for you is the one that makes you feel beautiful, confident and powerful.


Now, let's show you the main types of women's knickers and then let's suggest which model is right for valuing each body type.


Types of Knickers


1. Classic Knickers

The classic model has a straight cut in the upper area and low waist. In the front part, the knickers are dug and the curves follow the shape of the groin. On the other hand, the side has a medium width and the back is larger, usually covering the entire buttock region. This is the type of knicker that offers more comfort.

This knicker model is ideal for women with large buttocks and culote, because it provides more comfort and safety. It is also the most suitable model to wear with tight clothes that mark the body.



2. Thong

The thong is the sexiest knicker model. She is quite small and sexy with thin straps on the sides and back.

It is also a model who values the buttocks region by leaving them quite exposed, and for that same reason even creates the illusion of bigger buttocks. This thong looks good with any style of clothing, however, it is necessary to be careful with the tightest clothes so that the thong do not leave marks on the clothes.

This knicker model is ideal for the "inverted triangle" type of body (i.e., for people who have wider shoulders than the hip) and for people who have less volume in the buttock area. Because this piece values the region and gives the impression that it is larger. The silhouette body, X-shaped, with waist, hip and shoulders balanced can also take advantage of this model, even if they already have larger buttocks.

Despite these indications, the thong is the perfect sexy lingerie to wear in the hottest and sexiest moments. Furthermore, it matches perfectly with corsets and garter belt.

Sexy thong


3. Short Knickers

It is a larger knicker model that covers the entire hip region, including the groin. They're like little shorts.

Boxer shorts are the most recommended type for the pear-like body, i.e. for people who have a bigger buttock and more volume at the waist. Shorter women should avoid this model, as it gives the impression of a flat silhouette and makes your stature look even smaller. An extra tip is to use this model with loose and light clothes, since they can provide greater comfort.

Short knickers


4. French Knickers

The French Knickers are a bigger model than the others, but smaller than the Short Knickers model. This type of knicker has the highest top, which gives more coverage to the waist area. It is also bigger in the back and covers the buttocks in their entirety.

It is the ideal model to disguise a protruding belly, or excess fat. Besides, it is a great model to wear with clothes that accompany the silhouette.

French Knickers

Now that you know the types of knickers, you can choose the ideal knickers for your body or for the moment every moment of your day.

The most important lesson we want to pass on here is: The main rule is that you do! So don't just have one model in your wardrobe, explore the different types of knickers and combine each piece with the different occasions and looks you're planning.