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Learn how to organize your Lingerie so that it lasts longer

how to organize lingerie

Lingerie is a delicate and fundamental piece of underwear in the female wardrobe. Whether for everyday life or for the most intimate and special moments. Therefore, it is important that you take certain precautions so that each piece looks beautiful and lasts longer.

So, today you will get to know some tips on how to organize your intimate lingerie in a perfect way so that your delicates preserve their quality.


1. Organize your Women's Lingerie

The first tip on how to store your feminine lingerie is to start from scratch. Take all your lingerie pieces out of the drawer. This way, it will be easier to separate them.

First of all, throw away all those pieces of underwear that are torn, punctured, frayed or even stained. Keep only those in good condition in your drawer.

After selecting the lingerie that is in good condition, you can separate them into categories: bras, panties, things, bodysuits, accessories…


2. How to Store Panties

Panties are the easiest pieces of women's lingerie to store. Since most panties, thongs or knickers do not have structures that can be damaged over time, simply fold them up.

In order for them to take up as little space as possible, you can fold this pieces of lingerie in an envelope shape: sides inwards and then the bottom of the underwear goes upwards.

Here, the secret to keeping your underwear drawer always organized is to have dividers where you can store your panties.

If you do not have the opportunity to organize them in partitions, you can always fold them, store them and separate them by colour and type.

how to store underwear


3. How to Store Bras

Bras are pieces that need more care when they are stored in drawers. The bras without padding or rim, can be folded and stored normally, just by placing one over the other. Pay attention here to the small details so as not to damage your bra.

But be warned, padded bras deserve more precautions when you are storing them. They should never be bent, so they don't lose their shape or twist. And, they should always be stored open. In order to fit on top of each other, to take up less space.

Another important tip is to never fold a padded bra cup, meaning folding it inside out. Because you run the risk of damaging the foam in the cup and thus ruining your lingerie. In addition, we advise you not to put anything heavy on top of this piece of women's underwear.

As for lace bras, like panties, the ideal thing is to have a divider to be able to store them. This way, you can prevent this lingerie from filling up with lint and ending up with damaged lace.

Finally, we give you a tip on how to store your woman’s lingerie that you should not forget: store your bras by type of use and preference. If you wear push up bras more, leave them in the front, and so on. You should put the ones you use least in the back.


4. How to Organize Corsets

As you know, corsets are pieces of lingerie that have many details - ribbons, lace, wires, rhinestones - and as such you must be careful when storing them, so as not to damage or take away the beauty and sensuality of this piece of lingerie.

Thus, the ideal is to place them inside a box so that they are laid out and to not compromise its structure. And to prevent your sexy lingerie piece from getting that musty smell, you can make a hole in the box.

organize delicate lingerie


5. How to Store Your Lingerie with a Fragrance

An extra tip for you: choose a fragrance to your liking and spread a bit of its perfume on your lingerie drawer. So, when you go to wear your lingerie, you will smell the perfume. And surely your self-esteem will be at its peak.

We hope that these tips will help you organize your lingerie in the most correct way. And if you need to renovate your women’s lingerie drawer with new models and the latest trends, visit Dimari Lingerie website. After all, nothing like an organized, beautiful and complete underwear drawer to feel powerful and sensual.