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Faça a sua encomenda antes das 16H de Quinta (01/10/2020) para assegurar-se de que a recebe na Sexta (02/10/2020).
Encomendas realizadas depois ds 16H de Quinta (01/10/2020), são enviadas Sexta (02/10/2020) e serão entregues Terça (06/10/2020).
Envíos MRW - Pode selecionar esta opção na sua compra para encomendas realizadas depois das 16H de Quinta e receber no Sábado (Necessário contactar previamente a loja MRW da zona onde vai receber a encomenda. Válido para Portugal continental).

Size Guide

Lingerie Size GuideOn this page you will find size guides for the our varied brands of lingerie and men's underwear. On each article page there is indication of the available sizes. In case of doubt, we recommend always choosing the largest size. Dimensions are expressed in centimeters.

Please see below the size guides for the brands:



Beauty Night Fashion Size Guide

Beauty Night Lingerie Size Guide

Obsessive Size Guide - General Products

Obsessive Size Guide

Obsessive Size Guide - Bodystockings e Dresses

Obsessive Size Guide Bodystockings

Obsessive Size Guide - Stockings et Collants



Livia Corsetti Fashion Size Guide - General Products

Livia Corsetti Lingerie Size Guide

Livia Corsetti Fashion Size Guide - Bras

Livia Corsetti Fashion Size Guide - Bodystockings

Livia Corsetti Bodystockings Lingerie Size Guide


Doreanse Underwear Size Guide

Doreanse Size Guide Woman

Doreanse Size Guide Man

Note: Although the brands apply all efforts to provide detailed and correct size guides, there is always the possibility that some pieces and styles will fit differently according to the shape of the body, fabric, cut and even personal preferences. Please allow a few inches for extra comfort.