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6 Bodysuit Models to Drive Any Man Crazy


That men are attracted to woman’s nudity is a well known fact. However, they also recognize that lingerie has a strong role on spicing up their relationships. For them, lingerie works like giftwrap. And we all know what they say: the more beautiful the package, the better the content!

This is because the male gender is much more visual than the female one. And, for this reason, lingerie pieces, like a sexy bodysuit, make men very excited.

So, if you want to rise up the seduction level in your relationship and make your partner go crazy with desire, you should invest in sexy lingerie.

To help you choose the ideal model, we have separated 6 bodysuit models capable of driving any man crazy. Check them out on this article and enjoy.


1. Red Bodysuits

Red is the perfect color for those looking for even more sensuality. This is the color of love, desire and passion. Just between us, we know how much men are enthralled with red lingerie. Many admit that it makes them even more stimulated.

And this red bodysuit is no exception. Notice its very elegant V-neckline and the belt that helps define the silhouette. There is no man who can resist this temptation!

red boydsuits

2. Black Bodysuits

Black is also one of the favorite colors that men like to see on the female body. In addition to being a color associated with desire, it creates an atmosphere of mystery, which ends up making the moment more interesting and exciting.

However, playtime can still start beyond the four bedroom walls. Try wearing a lingerie body with another piece of clothing for a romantic dinner. Thus, you create a sexy look to stimulate an unforgettable moment of pleasure with your partner.

This sexy black bodysuit helps give a more elongated look to your silhouette. It is simple but sophisticated at the same time. The beautiful lace neckline is perfect to bring any man to its knees.

black bodysuits

3. Bridal Bodysuits

Make no mistake: a bridal bodysuit is not to be worn only at the wedding night. In fact, it is a great piece to help recreate your first night as a couple, remembering all the enthusiasm you felt in one of the most important moments of your life together.

That’s why we suggest this beautiful white lace bodysuit model with delicate and elegant details. The white color might mean purity, but leave the innocence aside and just have fun making your fantasies come true. We are positive he will love it!

bridal body

4. Sexy Bodysuits

Nothing makes a man more dazzled than a determined, confident and powerful woman. Men love it when women take the initiative and bring new things to the relationship. And what better way to do that than to present yourself wearing a sexy bodysuit?

It can be a sheer teddy, a crotchless body or simply a more provocative model, such as this one we present here. After all, the transparencies and the bold neckline make any woman feel empowered and that leaves men bewitched.

You can also add accessories and toys to make your most daring fantasies come true. He will go completely crazy, you will see!

bodysuits sexy

5. Lace Bodysuits

The lace bodysuit is a timeless piece, which never goes out of style, but that is trending now more than ever. Lace can be synonymous with beauty, luxury and adds some daintiness to any lingerie.

This lingerie body that we recommend here is a stunning piece of lingerie, very feminine, with detailed elastic lace. It makes any woman leave a trail of sensuality and seduction wherever she goes.

lace bodysuits

6. Plus Size Teddy

Men go crazy over a woman's curves. So if you think that because you have a few extra pounds you can't wear lingerie or look sexy for your partner, you could not be more wrong. In fact, not only you can do it, but you should do it!

Any bodysuit, by itself, has the ability to make a woman feel sexy and confident. This specific model bellow is very comfortable without compromising sensuality.

The shape of the neckline helps to enhance the breast and the opening at the back adds a nice special touch. Finally, the lace details on the bottom give the illusion of longer legs. Use it with confidence and take advantage of your curves. You will see his jaw drop to the floor!

plus size teddy

Did you like our tips? Wear them with confidence, as that is your number one seduction power. Then, choose a super sexy lingerie model. Surely this is the recipe for making any man go crazy with pleasure.

And if you're curious to see other bodysuit models, visit our online lingerie store and turn seduction to the fullest for an unforgettable night of pleasure.