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    Do you want to show off the sensuality of your legs? With some sophisticated tights female legs can look thinner and more attractive.

    Tights are delicate and elegant pieces of lingerie for women that enhance the woman's legs and help to make the female hips look firmer. This sexy lingerie is ideal to wear with a short skirt or dress, and gains an even more special glamour when combined with sexy high heels. In addition to adding sensuality to the look, tights help to protect your legs from the cold, so you can wear a skirt or dress even on the coolest days.

    The tights options to choose from at our lingerie store are vast. If you want something more discreet, choose plain black tights, but if you want something a little different, opt for fishnet tights, some geometric shapes or floral prints.

    At our online lingerie store you will find the perfect tights to match your style, always with the best price and the Dimari Lingerie's high quality.


    Women's panties is the most used lingerie piece by women. As a lingerie for women, the thong has a high seductive power. As women's underwear, panties has the important purpose of protecting the feminine area.

    This lingerie is present in practically every moment of the female daily life and is of great importance for women, because it helps to protect the private area. For this reason it is important to choose a model of women's panties or thong that is comfortable, that is not too tight and at the same time adjusts to your curves to make that part of the female body even more attractive.

    It is necessary to have models of women's panties that correspond to the needs of each occasion. For instance: cotton panties are super comfortable to wear at work, a female boxer short is great for everyday wear, because it fits well with the body, and is also excellent for wearing with a tighter dress as it does not leave those dreaded panty lines under the clothes.

    When it comes to sensual lingerie, thongs are extremely sensual pieces capable of driving your partner crazy. Therefore, is best to had provocative models in your lingerie collection such as a thong, transparent panties, lace panties and crotchless panties. These models are very seductive and will certainly provide you with unforgettable nights with your partner.

    To buy high quality panties, at the best price and in a wide variety of colors and models, the right place to go is Dimari Lingerie. Renew your drawer for women's underwear and feel sexier and more seductive with thongs from our online lingerie store.


    Wearing a sexy dress is the true meaning of "dressed to kill". The clubwear dress will highlight your curves and enhance each part of your body, making you even more sexy and attractive.

    Wear a sexy dress to wake up your partner and spend spicy moments with him. The clubwear dress is also ideal if you want to be provocative for a party or special event at a nightclub.

    A tight sexy dress, glued to the body will awaken all your sensuality, will enhance your curves and make you even more attractive and irresistible. Explore the characteristics of clubwear dresses: sparkling dresses will draw attention at a night party, seductive sheer dresses are ideal for arousing your partner's desire and dresses with plenty of cleavage are great for a nightclub event.

    At the Dimari Lingerie store you will find various models of sexy club dresses to make you look sexier and more provocative.


    For more exciting moments with your partner, you have to try lingerie accessories. Here you will find daring pieces for hot and very spicy nights.

    Women's lingerie accessories are the ideal options to get out of the rut and provide different and very exciting moments with your better half. Try using a nipple cover and a thong to look seductive and irresistible. To create a suspenseful mood, use a blindfold. To give an air of mystery, try a sexy mask.

    If you want to give more excitement to the moment, use a whip or paddle to give spicy and exciting spankings, then use a sensual tickler to make sweet caresses. And to go even further, try some sexy handcuffs to play super exciting games with your partner.

    Go to Dimari Lingerie and find the most sensual and spicy lingerie accessories to take your seductive moments together to the next level.

  • BODY

    Are you ready to take the game of seduction to the next level? Then the catsuit is the erotic lingerie you need.

    Catsuits and bodystockings fit perfectly to every body curve. This female lingerie is similar to a body and tights, and has unique elements that enhance your body and highlight your sensuality.

    Choose the catsuit and bodystocking model that best matches your style: less revealing ones but with a lot of transparency, models with side openings for more elasticity, a black catsuit to give the appearance of a thinner silhouette, or a red bodystocking form a more provocative look. Whatever your intention, find the ideal bodystocking at our loja de lingerie online.

    If you are looking for sexy lingerie, choose a catsuit and you will feel more attractive and a real temptress.


    The dressing gown is a piece of feminine lingerie full of elegance. The women's dressing gown is ideal to wear over a babydoll or pajamas and add a lot of refinement to your sleepwear. It is also great to wear over women's underwear and add an air of mystery to your sexy lingerie.

    The women's robe became a hit with women and is now one of their favorite pieces of women's lingerie. This is because it is light and comfortable, and allows you to spend more time in your sleepwear without feeling untidy, as well as making you feel more at ease when you spend extra time with your lingerie on since all you need to do is wear the robe over it.

    Dressing gowns can be long or short. The long dressing gown is classic and ideal for pajamas, the short dressing gown is great for wearing with chemises or babydolls. However, if you want to wear a feminine robe over the lingerie, the length of the robe is your choice, as both models combine very well with a sexy lingerie.

    The material with which the dressing gown is made is also very important. A cotton robe is comfortable and warm, a satin robe is chic and refined, and there is also the robe with lace details that is very feminine and elegant. In addition, all models have a strap around the waist, which allows enhancing the feminine curves and giving a sexy touch to this feminine lingerie.

    Explore the dressing gown models at Dimari online lingerie store and let the women's dressing gown be part of your day-to-day: feel more elegant with your sleepwear and more seductive and mysterious in your moments together. Dimari Lingerie is the right place to buy lingerie online.


    From the most provocative to the most classic: at Dimari Lingerie Store you will find the perfect sexy costume to spice up your relationship. Let your imagination run wild and release your sensuality.


    If you want to bet on a different way of seduction, either to get away from your style or to have an exceptional experience, a sexy costume is your best option. Unleash yours and your partner’s imagination and spend unforgettable moments with sensual women’s lingerie, after all, it is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life.


    The most traditional and sought after sexy costumes are the maid costume, nurse costume and police costume. But if you want to get away from the traditional and take a little more risk, choose an erotic fantasy such as the flight attendant costume, female soldier costume, student costume or cowgirl costume. Another good tip is to explore the festive dates, if we are on Halloween try on a little devil costume, on Easter choose a bunny costume, or on Christmas, try on the sexy Christmas costume.


    At Dimari online lingerie store you will find many sexy fantasy costumes to fulfill your most secret desires.


    Maintaining sensuality at bedtime is important to any woman. So it is essential to choose a babydoll that is both sexy and comfortable at the same time.

    Women's lingerie is closely linked to a woman's self-esteem, and at bedtime it is no different. Choose to wear an elegant satin chemise to feel good about yourself, or a sexy lace babydoll so that bedtime with your partner can always be special.

    Explore the different babydoll models so that every night can be unique: choose models that favor the curves of your body, be them the tightest ones like a chemise or the most loose ones like babydolls; models with transparency like a lace chemise; pieces with more classic tones like a black babydoll and a white babydoll, or with warm colors like a red nightdress.

    Whatever your style and intention, at our lingerie store you will find the perfect women's lingerie for you.


    Do you want to feel beautiful, sexy and powerful? The corset is the right feminine lingerie to raise your self-esteem and increase your sensuality.

    Certainly, the corsets is one of the most sensual pieces of  lingerie for women. If you don't have a corset yet in your women's lingerie collection, you need to urgently buy one, as it is a piece of lingerie that can't be left out from your women's underwear essential list.

    The corset is a current derivation of the 20th century bodices, now with a less rigid and more elastic structure. It is a sexy lingerie piece that shapes the female silhouette, makes the waist thinner and enhances the woman's curves.

    Choose the corset model that best suits you and the moment you want to wear it. There are several types. There are the more rigid bodices that give more support and better shape the waist; and on the other hand, there are less rigid models such as the lace corset, which are very sensual and enrich the female body through transparency. You should also vary on the colors: the black corset is the traditionally sensual one, the red corset is more romantic classic and the white corset is the ideal bridal lingerie for the wedding day or night.

    To further awaken your partner's attention and desire, choose a combination of women's lingerie and the final look will be even more erotic: combine a sexy corset with some sensual garter stockings and enjoy a very hot night.

    Find the perfect corset for you at Dimari Lingerie, online lingerie store. Start wearing a sexy corset and fall in love with your body.


    Garter stockings are the most powerful female lingerie accessory out there. If you have never tried this type of sexy lingerie, go for it and feel the power of wearing garter stockings.

    Want to make your lingerie for women more sensual? Then a good pair of stockings is the right choice. This hip high type of sock has the power to transform a lingerie set, a body or a corset into something much more seductive and elegant. Use garter stockings with your women’s lingerie under the clothes and surprise your loved one, as this combination is simply irresistible.

    Each special moment will be an excuse to wear beautiful stockings, so take advantage of the different options: use black stockings to feel confident and seductive, red stockings for a special romantic date, bet on the lace details to give more refinement to garter stockings, while white stockings are the ones that cannot be missing in a bride's lingerie.

    At Dimari, online lingerie store
    you will find high quality stockings in different models, colors and rich details. Combine your women’s lingerie with the right kind of stockings and feel much more sexy and sophisticated.


    Leggings are a piece of women's lingerie that cannot be missing in a woman's closet. That's because leggings fit on several occasions, you just need to combine them with different clothes and accessories. Meaning, if you change a sweater, a belt or your shoes, while still wearing the same leggings, it will completely transform the look.

    Leggings fit perfectly to the body, thus emphasizing the female legs so that they look longer, thinner and more attractive. It is a piece of clothing that lies between pants and tights, so it can be used both with short and tight dresses and skirts as well as with wider and loose-fitting sweaters.

    At Dimari Lingerie Store, you will find several leggings models: black, matte, shiny, smooth or with details. Choose the leggings that suit your style at our online lingerie store.

  • BRAS

    Have you ever had a beautiful and wonderful outfit and when you wear it you realize that you don't have the ideal bra to match that outfit? It turns out that each bra model fits perfectly on a different occasion. That is why you need to have in your closet the most diverse models and colors of bras. After all, you don't want to be left hanging because you don't have the piece of female lingerie that fits perfectly with that moment or look, do you?

    The bra is one of the most important pieces of women's underwear and undoubtedly the most used by women. The bra helps support and helps shape the breasts. Thus, it is important to have several models of bra to perfectly suit every occasion of your day-to-day.

    Of all different bra models, it is important to have a bra without padding and without metal rims for the times when you need to be more comfortable. On the other hand, it is also essential to have a padded bra so as to not leave marks under the clothes, this is a good model to wear at work, for example. Another model that has to be present in the female wardrobe is the push up bra, as it helps to shape the breasts and make them more raised.

    In addition, invest in bras with different types of necklines, as you will need them to wear a more low-cut sweater. Just as it is also essential to have a strapless bra or invisible bra for sweaters that have thin straps. Finally, don't forget to add lace bras to your lingerie collection, as they are the most sexy and attractive models for the occasions when you want to impress your better half.

    When it comes to colors, take advantage of as many colors as you can. A nude bra is great to wear with light and transparent clothes. The black bra is the most essential color you should have, as it looks good on many styles and occasions, that is, the black bra suits everything and everyone. Also explore bras of different colors, not only to match the outfit you’re going to wear, but also to match your mood: for example, wear a red bra if you want to feel sexier, or a navy blue bra if you want to feel elegant.

    Explore the different models and colors of bra at our online Lingerie Shop. And be ready to rock at every moment of your daily life.


    Choose the right bikini to rock this summer! It is essential for a woman to select the ideal bikini model, after all, a good part of her body will be on display when wearing the swimwear, and for sure you want to feel beautiful and confident.

    In the hottest time of the year, everyone wants to enjoy the beach or the pool, and for that it is important to choose the ideal bathing suit, not only to make you comfortable, but also to enhance your body and make you confident. Therefore, it is important to choose a bikini model that enhances each part of your body, as well as choosing the color of the swimwear that will most highlight your skin tone.

    If you have lighter skin, you should opt for a darker bikini color like a black bikini. But if you have a more darker skin, choose a light colored bathing suit, for example, a white bikini, as it will highlight your body even more. Prints are also welcome, as they go well with the summer, especially the bikinis printed with warmer colors.

    At Dimari Lingerie you can buy bikinis online, we have a size guide that allows you to choose the ideal size for you. In addition, take the opportunity to buy bikinis online without leaving the comfort of your home, receive the order in a short time with the highest quality from Dimari Lingerie Store online.


    A garter belt is one of the most sensual pieces of women's lingerie and is the perfect choice for those who want to surprise on special occasions.

    The garter belt lingerie is a piece that highlights the hips and helps to enhance woman's curves. Its garters serve to hold garter stockings in place, a thigh high pantyhose that brings a more provocative look to this sexy lingerie.

    It is important to know the different models of garter belt lingerie to choose the one that best suits your style. There are wider garter belts models perfect for shaping the waist and hiding those unwanted pounds. On the other hand, there are thinner pieces that are also very sensual because they show more of the woman's body. There are also tighter models that do a great job defining feminine curves and pieces that are a bit looser and resemble a sexy mini skirt. The garter belt model that is right for you is the one that makes you feel the most powerful and sensual when wearing it.

    When buying lingerie with garter belt explore some colors and detail options. The color red is the most sought after on occasions like lingerie for Valentine's Day and romantic dates. The white garter belt is the ideal bridal lingerie and promises to spice up the wedding night even more. However, for women, the preferred color for garter belts is black. It exhibits sensuality and confidence. But don't think that all black garter belts will look the same, there is a huge variety of details in this sexy lingerie that goes from sheer fabrics, lace garter belts, to floral prints and golden details. The richness of these details makes each garter belt unique.

    If you already have or want to start making a collection of women's lingerie, the garter belt is a piece that cannot be missing from your women’s underwear drawer. Buying lingerie online at Dimari is the best option, as we have selected in our lingerie store a beautiful collection of garter belts with varied models, colors and sizes, exclusively for you.


    When it comes to lingerie, details make all the difference. So add sexy accessories to your women's lingerie set and get sexier and more stylish for a special date with your partner.

    Surprise your loved one with a pair of provocative gloves or a sexy hat and make your feminine lingerie look even more sensual. A pair of gloves will add an air of refinement and charm to the moment. Try satin gloves, floral printed gloves and mesh gloves. Massaging your partner with a special glove will certainly make a difference in your night.

    If you want to add a vintage touch to your lingerie, choose a sexy hat and make your look more elegant and mysterious for a date full of seduction and passion.

    Explore women's lingerie accessories: gloves and hats at our lingerie store and add even more excitement to moments with your partner.


    Nightwear plays an essential role in the quality of our sleep, as it will guarantee comfort and warmth for a full night of rest. Therefore, choosing the perfect women’s pyjamas is very important.

    As with all of women's underwear, the ideal model of nightwear depends on the preference of each person, but when choosing the perfect pyjamas it is also important to take into account the season. In the summer you should invest in silk pyjamas, babydolls or short dolls, very light and cool pieces so you don't feel hot. In autumn and spring, temperatures are starting to change, however they remain a little cold, so the ideal is to wear cotton pyjamas, such as those with 3/4 pants and a top, or dress models with longer lengths. In the winter, to keep warm and comfortable, the ideal is to use cotton sets of pants and top.

    Choosing the perfect women’s pyjamas helps ensure a good night's sleep. Explore the different models of nightwear at Dimari Lingerie, the best place to buy lingerie online and choose the one that makes you feel most beautiful, comfortable and ready for excellent dreams.


    The wedding is certainly one of the most important days of your life, so every detail has to be perfect.  The wedding lingerie is a fundamental piece for the wedding, after all, the bride’s lingerie will help to shape your body and accentuate the curves to make the wedding dress look stunning. In addition, bridal underwear plays a key role on the wedding night.

    Women's lingerie plays an essential role for the bride, after all it is that detail so important that will directly interfere with her appearance. The wedding lingerie has to be beautiful and elegant so that the bride feels confident, at the same time it has to be comfortable so that she can fully enjoy her wedding. Then, lingerie has to match well with the wedding dress so that no part of the bride's underwear is exposed and steals the attention. Finally, the main function of the wedding lingerie is to enhance the female body so that the dress looks perfect, that is, it is essential to choose white panties that does not mark the waist, a white bra that pushes the breasts up, or even a white bodysuit to make the waist look thinner.

    Just as important as the wedding is the wedding night. Certainly the couple wants to live remarkable and unforgettable moments. It is on this occasion that the wedding lingerie has a primordial role. It is worth choosing a model of women's lingerie that is different from the usual, that values each part of your body and makes you look even more sexy and provocative. So, choose some options for your wedding night like a white corsets, bridal stockings,
    a white garter belt or a white lingerie set.

    At Dimari Lingerie we have an excellent selection of wedding lingerie. Explore all the models and choose the lingerie that will make you feel beautiful and perfect on your wedding day, after all, it is your day.


    Do you usually wear plus size lingerie and have trouble finding cool models? Now, you will not have problem anymore. At Dimari Lingerie we select sexy and elegant plus size lingeries to make you feel even more beautiful and confident.

    It is certain that women have a lot of beauty in their curves, and it does not matter the size of the curves. If you want to accentuate your body’s silhouette, explore the plus size lingerie models and find the women’s lingerie to treasure every inch of your body, make you more sensual and make you feel confident and elegant.

    Choose the XXL lingerie model that perfectly matches the moment you are planning. Try wear a body to shape your silhouette, a corset to spice up a night for two, a set of lace lingerie under the clothes to feel powerful, or a sensual baby doll to seduce your partner at the time of go to bed.

    In our online lingerie store, find sexy and elegant women's lingerie for all body types. Choose your style and enjoy!


    A vest or a strappy top is something that has great importance in a woman's wardrobe. Whether on the coldest winter days or on hot summer afternoons, in an evening by the fireplace or on a trip to the gym, it is important to have some basic quality garments to compose the look or simply to be able to get dressed in a second and be ready to go.

    In this category of Vests and Sleeves you will find a careful selection of vests, women's t-shirts, women's tanktops or sports tops, made with the best quality material by European brands.

    In this way, at the Dimari lingerie store you will not only find an excellent offer of sexy lingerie for special occasions, but you can also complement your purchases with some undershirts and more comfortable tops for a more sporty use.

    The Doreanse brand, responsible for a vast majority of products in this category, started working on men's underwear but quickly applied its knowledge to create women's underwear, as well as casual and leisure clothing so that both sexes can benefit from the quality, softness and comfort of the products of this incredible brand.


    If you want to start a exercise routine in the gym or play another sport, the first step is to buy the ideal sportswear. Wearing the right leggings, bras, tops or t-shirts helps to improve the exercise performance, make you more comfortable and even avoid injuries. In addition to the functional importance, wearing the right sports clothes will make you look beautiful and attractive when practising exercises and give you the perfect look for the occasion.

    If you still have doubts about the importance of appropriate sportswear for physical exercise, we will show you the reasons and also give you tips so that you can choose the right sportswear for you. First of all, wearing unsuitable sportswear can cause harm to your body, for example, wearing clothes that don't facilitate transpiration and cause the accumulation of sweat can increase the proliferation of bacteria and fungi and cause inflammation and mycosis. Wearing clothes that are too tight not only causes discomfort, but also skin irritation and posture damage.

    To avoid the problems we have mentioned above and ensure good health for your body, when practicing physical activities choose light clothes and fabrics suitable for sports. The sportswear do not block perspiration and promotes flexibility of movement. Thus, the perfect women's sportswear to wear in the gym are the sports boxers and leggings, these pieces offer excellent flexibility and help in blood circulation. At the top it is important to wear a sports bra or sports vest, preferably with wide straps to ensure the best support for the breasts and not to hurt the shoulders.

    The last tip is, among the ideal sportswear, choose the model that best suits your style, the one that will leave you beautiful, comfortable and uninhibited. Well, it's always important that you feel good about the look you're wearing, whatever the occasion. And now that you know what kinds of sports women lingerie are ideal for the gym, explore the models below and start looking after your body and your health right now.


    In Dimari you will find the perfect erotic lingerie to spice up your sensual games. Meet the most provocative and erotic lingerie models and achieve an irresistible look.


Have you ever thought that women’s lingerie is the first piece of clothing we put on and the last one we take off?

It is for this and other reasons that underwear is the most important piece in the women's wardrobe. Lingerie for women has the power to raise self-esteem, after all, every woman likes to be well dressed in her underwear. When the woman feel sexy, her self-satisfaction raises too.

But lingerie for women is not just underwear, it is directly responsible for a woman’s whole look because women's lingerie shapes the full silhouette: a sexy body can slim the waist and a push up bra can lift the breasts.

Allow women's lingerie to be part of your daily life. When you wear it, do it for yourself, not for someone else. In addition, women's underwear should not be saved only for special moments, let it be part of your day today and feel more confident and secure at work, in your relationship or in any part of your life.

At Dimari we understand the importance of women's lingerie in the life and wardrobe of all women. Therefore, in our lingerie store, we select elegant and sexy women's underwear models for all tastes and moments. In our online lingerie store you will find lingerie sets of different colors, charming and refined lace lingerie, sexy lingerie like corsets and stockings, and erotic lingerie like catsuits and costumes.

Explore the universe of women's lingerie and feel more confident and powerful.