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Wedding Lingerie: 7 Lingerie Models to wear on your Wedding Night

Bridal underwear

The wedding night is unique. It is the first night of a new phase for the couple, and because of this, it should receive special attention. For the wedding night to be truly memorable it is essential to wear an unforgettable wedding lingerie with certain details of romanticism and delicacy. Thus, we present 7 lingerie models to wear on your wedding night. Explore the different models and choose the perfect bridal lingerie for you.

1. Wedding Lingerie Set

The wedding night is the opportune occasion to spice up the beginning of this new life for two. Surprise your husband with sexy and elegant bridal underwear. You can opt for a 2 piece white lingerie set, with white bra and underwear, or a 3 piece lingerie set, with white bra, thong and white garter belt.

Wedding Lingerie Set

2. Bridal Corset

The white corset is used by many women as bridal underwear to shape the silhouette or simply to awaken in your partner the desire to loosen every detail of this piece of lingerie.

Bridal Corset

3. Bridal Body

For the wedding night, if you want to innovate and escape the traditional, try the white bridal body. It is a comfortable lingerie for bride and, at the same time, gives a sophisticated and sexy touch to the occasion making the moment unforgettable.

Bridal Body

4. Bridal Garter Belts

The garter belt is one of the most sensual pieces of lingerie for brides. It is the perfect choice to surprise your husband and transform your wedding night into an even more romantic and unforgettable intimate moment.

Bridal Garter Belts

5. Bridal Babydoll

Few looks are as sexy and feminine as a woman wearing just a bridal babydoll. It's the bridal nightwear to warm up your room. This white lingerie is the perfect foreplay for the incredible moments you will have for the rest of your lives.

Bridal babydoll

6. Bridal Stockings

Add an irreverent look to your wedding lingerie with bridal stockings. This lingerie accessory is very sexy and will make you feel powerful. The wedding stocking is the perfect piece of lingerie to shine the beauty of each woman.

Bridal Stockings

7. Bridal Robe

Sensual, mysterious and daring, this is how you will feel with this wedding dressing gowns. After the party is over and the guests are gone, come to your husband in a sexy robe and invite him to unfasten the elegant ribbon. Together discover the bridal underwear hidden under the white dressing gowns.

The bridal robe is the perfect choice to add an extra dose of mystery to your wedding night.

Bridal Robe

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The wedding night is a special moment where bridal lingerie is the key piece. So, visit our lingerie store and personalize this important moment of your life.