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Get to know the Suspender Belt models and find out which one is ideal for your body

suspender belt

The suspender belt also known as a garter belt is a bold piece that adds sensuality to your lingerie. But many women, despite finding this piece of women's lingerie very beautiful, have never had the experience of wearing it. This usually happens because they have a lot of doubts and fear making a mistake when buying and using them.

So, we will give you some tips on how to choose the best model to put an end to any doubts you may have.


First of all, do you know what a suspender belt is?

The suspender belt is a lingerie accessory, a piece of sexy underwear, that sits between the waist and the hip and is attached to the 7/8 stockings (stockings that cover up to half of the thighs) using suspender clips. In this way, making the suspender belt an extremely suggestive and sensual piece.

Here the secret is that the suspender clips and slings that hold and stretch the socks are resistant.

So, after putting on the suspender belt, you are ready to rock!


Which suspender belt model should you choose?

There are several types of suspender belts available on the market. Because of this, it is essential that you know some characteristics of this piece to choose consciously.


Suspender belt with larger front

First of all, this suspender belt model is ideal for those who never used this piece of women's lingerie, as it is considered comfortable. In addition, this type of garter belt does not mark clothing during use.

On the other hand, the suspender belt with the larger front is also suitable for women who want to hide those extra pounds, since it helps the best to hold everything in the right place.

Suspender Belts with larger front

Suspender belt with metal clips

In regards to this, if you have that fear that the suspender belt will "move out of place at the wrong time" this model is the best. However, this type of belt is one of the most difficult to find.

Suspender Belts models

Suspender belt with six slings

This is the model, most in demand by women, who are fans of this piece of women's lingerie.

Why? Because the suspender belt with six slings is more comfortable than the belt with only four suspender slings. It is an item that brings more comfort and safety.

In addition, this piece holds the suspender stockings so much better - obviously due to the greater amount of slings involved in the process of "holding" the stockings in place.

Not all stores have this model, so it pays to be aware of this detail before buying. At Dimari Lingerie you will find this model, click on the image to check it out.

suspender belt with six slings

A last tip on Suspender Belts

If you never wore or bought this type of sexy lingerie, then dare yourself to do it. Enjoy it on a special occasion or create a special occasion of your own.

Go to and choose the suspender belt that suits you best. Use the tips we showed you here on how to choose the perfect suspender belt for you and you are going to rock it!